There are 33,000 miles of road in Wyoming.
Each one matters to someone.

In Wyoming, we take personal responsibility for our roads. So we never get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Want to spread the word? Watch these videos and share them to Facebook.

N Main Street

“A place to thrive”

SHS Bronc Drive

“Your decision can affect the whole team”

Highway 59

“Don’t risk being impaired”

Highway 14

“It’s just not worth the risk”

Highway 120

“You see things that make Wyoming unique”

Federal & Main

“These roads are travelled by people I love”

Forest & Pinecrest

“You’re letting your whole community down if you drink and drive”

Highway 85

“It’s our mainstay for the ranch”

Highway 30

“We’re near our community elementary”

9th Street

“It prepares me for my future”

Got a mile that’s special to you?
Let us know about it with #DontGoDownThatRoad.